Start Your Bootfitting From Anywhere

If you have the internet, you can start your bootfitting!

Our bootfitting process starts with building your skier profile.
Our proprietary, cloud-based FitAssistant app gets you started from anywhere with internet access. 
It not only helps get the jump on your bootfitting experience but is also a convenient option to help with physical distancing at this time.

Pulse Boot Lab

PULSE FitAssistant

At PULSE Boot Lab, we use the tools we trust the most and a key one is our FitAssistant app!
Developed and tested on the shop floor, the PULSE FitAssistant is a web-based bootfitting aid paired with a 3D scanner that provides performance, feature, and fit based recommendations to our bootfitters. The internet can’t fit your boots but technology certainly helps.

Book an appointment for the ultimate bootfitting experience or start your bootfitting online!