How Does it Work?

The Junior Buy-Back Program is Simple!:

50% of purchase price back as credit after 1 season’s use.

If not planning to return after 1st season, take 30% discount on initial purchase price.

You can use the credit towards anything in store, whether it’s the next size of boot for your junior, or credit towards parent’s equipment – the choice is yours.

Junior Buy-Back Program

Getting the Fit Right for Your Kids

In the same way as boots are the most important piece of an adults equipment, kids/youth equipment is often overlooked in terms of sizing, safety and allowing juniors to truly reach their potential on the hill.

Over the past number of years we have seen a huge number of kids in poorly sized equipment which lends to developing bad habits and compromising safety.

Junior Gear Can be Difficult to Get Right

This can be for a number of reasons:

Shoe size does not relate to boot size. Statistically, most adults have difficulty getting it right, how can we expect kids to do better.

Kids impression of how their equipment needs to function is often skewed.

One of the most common misconceptions is that kids boots are too stiff. The reality is that if the boot is improperly fitted, it’s virtually impossible to flex the boot properly. No different from adult world.

Our Service

We aren’t suggesting some elaborate custom solution.
The most important thing is that kids are comfortable & warm, but also to give them full control of their equipment.

It’s as simple as getting the size right, combined with a decent ski sock makes the biggest difference to a junior’s experience.

For the 2020/21 season we are introducing our Junior Buy Back Program.
We wanted to approach it as a service versus a sales tactic.

Get Started!

Bring in your existing equipment, whatever it may be and we can help point you in the right direction.  Whether you are purchasing new, renting or simply getting prepped for the ski swap.  Information is free.  Book an appointment or drop into the store.

We encourage you to get your Juniors sorted
well before before the mountain opens, while stock lasts.

K2 Kids Boot