Brett Irwin

I very rarely do a review unless it is for excellence. Pulse Boot Lab with all the people that assisted my fitting and owner Kai are par excellence. They absolutely have fitted me in the best custom fit I have experienced in 53 years. Luckily for me. Boot Lab was there so that I could absolutely enjoy the incredible slopes of Revelstoke today with boots that have changed my skiing from driving a badly out of alignment old vehicle to a Porsche / Ferrari / Mercedes-Benz handling. I would only suggest trusting their knowledge and experience in fitting your boots as everything you’ve had in the past probably is not a good guideline.

– Brett Irwin

Hugh Taylor

My son (who has very flexible flat feet) and I both got new boots fitted by the Pulse folks this week. I have had fitted boots before, but nothing like this. I can now feel and control my skis with small movements of my feet. They were careful to tune the choice of boot and the fit to how and where I ski. I am honestly amazed. Game changer.

– Hugh Taylor

Jill Zacharias

After 48 years of cramming my feet into ski boots, I had chronic foot pain. I was used to skiing through pain. So I was looking for a ski boot system that was supportive and responsive to the type of skiing we do here – and that’s what I got. By the end of the season, even after over 100 days, my foot pain had improved. I think my skiing did too! Good gear makes all the difference. It was an investment in a lifestyle that is very important to me.

– Jill Zacharias

The Malcolm Family

Kai, Kelly and team bring true professionalism to the boot fitting world. 
Our year started out with our son getting new boots at another shop, the year before had the rest of our family getting boots at the same shop. After countless trips back for “tuning the fit” we were hopeful for the upcoming year. 
     First day out my son who never complains couldn’t finish out the day in his boots. Down we went to try out the “new guy”. The team had a look and offered to try somethings out on the boys boots. I had hem have a look at my boots as well as they were still pinching. Kai was called over to have a look and gave me the low down. “Your boots are to big”. How could that be I just had them “fit for me”. Kai walked me through his process. Then offered: “the Guarantee”. My boots will fit or I’ll take them back.  So I spent a couple hrs in the shop that night and off we went for day 2. Wow is all I can say. I have been chasing a well fit boot for, well let’s just say forever,  I found them that day I haven’t even been in for a touch up. Trace was not so lucky, still having issues we were back in the shop Kai laid it all out for us, we could continue to fight the boot or get one that will work for his foot. 2 days of skiing down already we went for the new boots. Day 3 we made a full day. 
     Next up Stacy was still struggling with her “new” boots, Kai went through his fitting with Stacy and came up with a plan. Again Guaranteeing a fit. Stacy bit the bullet and went for the guarantee, her skiing improved tenfold the first run, she was no longer fighting the boots the other shop had put her in. 
You might start to think wow these guys really can sell boots, but then we get to Kyla. I have never seen such determination to make boots fit. They worked for a what seemed like a week grinding, fitting, flexing, stretching, every day he worked on them not giving up, finally finding the problem, a hidden issue with the very tip of the inside of the liner in the boot. All for the price of a pair of ski socks on boots they never sold. True professionalism!  
     I can’t say enough good things about Pulse. If you are looking for new boots their services are worth the trip to Revy. 

– The Malcolm Family

Gareth Lince

Would like to thank Kai, Kelly and all the guys who helped my wife and I with new boots, the knowledge and customer service that they provide is second to none. They helped my wife find a boot that would offer her everything her race boot did but also a boot and liner that still performed as her race boot but was more comfortable. And me well they helped me out when my nice new boots I had purchased in the UK started to give me problems, speaking to Kai about it he unearthed the fact i had been sold a boot that was too big for me (26.5), and opened my eyes to the correct fitting boot size (25) and foot beds. 
We did revisit the store a couple times after the first fitting for little tweaks and they were always happy to help and provide a coffee while the work was being done. If you are in the area and looking for new boots don’t hesitate to go and see them about boots…you won’t regret it!!!!!

– Gareth Lince

Ron Betts

Just had a great customer experience with the team at Pulse. My new boots needed some tweaking before the winter and Kai and crew were awesome to work with. They went above and beyond my expectations. I’ve worked with a ton of boot fitters over the years and I can say confidently that these guys are the real deal – knowledgeable, fairly priced and they let my dog hang out in the shop during my fitting, it doesn’t get better than that.

– Ron Betts

Scott McKay

My old boots had been feeling sloppy, so I went here to have them tweaked. Instead, I came away with new boots with custom footbeds and liners. My wallet was lighter, and – I won’t lie – the fitting process is quite uncomfortable and the first week of skiing is… quite uncomfortable as well. But I could not be happier; I’ve never felt more in control of my skiing. Every aspect has improved: better control, less effort, higher speed, more confident jumping, more confident on very steep terrain. The difference is AMAZING.

– Scott McKay

Jennifer Broadwell

I have to thank the Pulse team so much for the boot fitting (25 down to 23.5). I cannot believe the difference in my ability to get down the hill on skis with a confidence I didn’t have before (it’s reassuring to be able to make my skis turn.. even my powder skis). I appreciate your willingness to fix sensitive areas but also your encouragement to use the boots as intended. I may have just put my snowboard away for the winter. Also super stoked that I may actually be ready for Girls Do Ski next season. Cheers!

– Jennifer Broadwell

Andrew Griffen

Good morning to everyone at Pulse Bootlab!! Thanks so much for getting my boots fitted perfectly! It took us a few test runs but now I can feel my skis again!!! So so much better than those giant boots we came in with!!! My sore toe ( ingrown one) is NO longer sore……I could kiss you all!!! Yes it was definitely worth doing a bit of work on them, test them and then a bit more adjustment. My boots fit perfectly now.

– Andrew Griffen

Francis Courtois

After two years of horrible boot problems (I’m talking more bone spurs than you can imagine people), and two years of not giving in on the whole “custom boot” thing, I finally gave Kai and the rest of the team green light to properly fit me in a pair of boots. As others have said, one of the best decision I’ve made in terms of ski gear yet! If anything is worth spending that much money for in your ski gear (aside from a beacon), it’s definitely boots. They do not have a huge selection of boots, but that’s what makes it so good. They’re super knowledgeable about the boots they carry and they WILL find something that fits your type of foot. Thanks guys! My feet feel great once again!

– Francis Courtois